Valentines Day 2017

In true Valentines Day fashion, our February 14th was filled with a semi-frantic, pink heart-shaped pancake breakfast, throwing on our red and pink clothes, followed by a rush out the door, valentines in hand ready for school! Leyton and Finn each had Valentines day parties at their schools, and I got to go help out a Leyton’s! It was so fun to see the big boy in his element at his new school! I got to meet his friends and see his new environment. They came home loaded with so much candy, which we’re trying to ration out over the new few days, and trying our best to share with Everett. We love this sweet holiday where we bust out all the red and PINK and celebrate love all day! Luke and I ended the wild day with a steak dinner after the kids went to bed. We love this tradition and are loving continuing it in the our new house!

(Yes, Ivy got her own mini photo shoot out of the day. It’s just too fun)

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2.14-133 2.15-82.15-10 2.15-13 2.15-14 2.15-15

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