Valentines 2019

The night before Valentines, Leyton told me he wasn’t feeling like Valentines felt like that big of a deal. Even though he had his school party, we weren’t doing much at home, he said. But then he thought and responded, “well, I guess you will make pink heart pancakes, a pink smoothie and write us a card telling one thing you love about us.” Haha I guess so! I wasn’t sure if I was going to the cards again this year, but after hearing that I had to! And for the record, Leyton’s word was creative. Finn’s was talented. Everett’s was fearless. And for Ivy, silly! We had a great Valentines Day, and Luke and I ended the day with a delicious cheese and meat platter when the kids went to bed. I know, we’re crazy :) It was a fun holiday! I love our little traditions!

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