Update on the school boys!

Just a little update about how my three school boys are doing.. figured this is a good place to record it all! We had conferences a couple weeks ago and it’s always fun to hear the update from their teachers!


Let’s start with Leyton. Our big 3rd grader is doing so well! Everything Mrs. Schwartz said didn’t surprise me. Leyton is naturally smart in math and even though he says it’s his least favorite subject, math comes really natural to him! But she says he doesn’t work above and beyond what’s expected. He does the assignment, as quick as he can, and turns it in. No double checking work for this kid. She reported that our wild man does need to reminded to not blurt out and not talk over everyone. I said to her, “you think kids would have that figured out by 3rd grade!” To which she laughed and said, “well, if it hasn’t been figured out by now, that’s probably just his personality and he probably won’t change.” I guess that’s Leyton! She said he gets along well with everyone and is generally always happy and positive! He’s doing a great job with reading and always has a stack of books by his bed to read before bed and when he wakes up early in the morning. It’s usually sports books or Diary of a Wimpy kid books, but at least it’s reading! He did read a biography of Wayne Gretsky last week and loved knowing the history of a hockey great like Gretzky :) Overall, Leyton’s an easy kid when it comes to school. He enjoys school and works hard! We’re so proud!


Next, Finn! Finn’s teacher had such a good report for him at conferences, I couldn’t help but smile the whole time. He’s doing so well! He’s really excelling at reading and loves working ahead on the long list of sight words. On their latest standarized testing, they graded his words per minute and he was way above average. That almost brought me to tears! For the boy who is still in speech therapy for his stutter, when he reads, his words come out so smooth! I love listening to him read. He loves reading out loud and also by himself at night. I’m so proud! His speech teacher came to the conference as well and it was great to from both of them. They both smiled when talking about him, saying how well liked he is, that he’s one of “the cool kids” haha! They said he’s confident, well behaved and just a great kid. As far as his speech, he hasn’t made giant progress but honestly, he’s so comfortable with himself and his speaking, and that’s wonderful! He’s flying through 1st grade and doing so well!


Then there’s Everett! Haha, oh my wild man. We love the preschool he is at! His two teachers are so sweet and seem to really invest in each child and her notes from the conference were so specific to him, it was really great. They said he gets along well with everyone, which isn’t a shocker. By week two of preschool, he could list everyone’s name in his class! He has a good group of little boys that he loves to play with. Now educationally, she said he would definitely benefit from another year of preschool before heading to Kindergarten. Haha I’ve been slacking on teaching the third kids his letters! We were planning on him doing another year anyways, so he’s got time to learn that alphabet! :) She did say he gets frustrated easily when doing his work and will quickly say “I can’t do it” and just gives up. They have to remind him to keep trying! Sounds like him! They also mentioned he is a very honest boy and can be relied on to always tell the truth if there’s a misunderstanding. See what I mean, she was detailed! And she said he has really good rhythm. Ha!

It seems really crazy that I have three boys in school. Three boys that are doing a lot of things without me knowing about them! :) But it’s amazing to watch them each grow, to see their strength and weaknesses and watch where God is going to use them! I’m so so proud of each of them!

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