Trip to Colorado

It’s been a busy week around here.  Every time I have a small window of quiet around this house, I have to decide whether I should work (wedding season!), work out (it’s gotta happen..), shower or clean the house.  Of course there isn’t time for all of it, but blogging has to be pretty low on that list.  But the boys are alive and well.  Leyton’s wild, Finn’s a mystery and Everett’s a newborn.  Normal week.

Last weekend, Luke and I had the privilege of flying out to Colorado for my grandpa’s memorial service.  Oh, my grandpa.  I could write for hours about that man.  He was 95 and lived an incredibly full and blessed life.  His health went down hill fairly quickly, which we are all grateful for.  We didn’t want to see him suffer any longer, and although we’re sad he’s not with us.. he’s in a much better place!  And this trip was actually so fun.  My wonderful family had a mini reunion and it was one big love fest.  It was way too short, but every minute we get to be together is just wonderful!  We just took Everett, which was such a nice to just be with him. Here’s a few snapshots of the trip!

IMG_9078IMG_9085 IMG_9089 IMG_9093 IMG_9100 IMG_9101 IMG_9128 IMG_9154 IMG_9156 IMG_9189 IMG_9179 IMG_9181

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