The start of fall!

Fall is here and we are fully embracing this new season! There’s a chill in the air is less light during the day. But it also feels different because we are down by two during the daytime. Ivy and Everett are turning out to be quite the little duo and we’re enjoying the slower(ish) pace. But on our weekends, we fully maximize our time with the whole family! So far, one apple orchard and two pumpkin patches! Yes, the camera seems to favor Ivy but it’s understandable :)


10.15-13 10.15-12 10.15-11 10.15-10 10.15-9 10.15-8 10.15-7 10.15-6 10.15-510.15-1 10.15-210.15-4 10.15-5 10.15-6 10.15-7 10.15-810.15-10 10.15-11 10.15-12

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