The O’Leary Cabin 2014!

We’ve made a great tradition of heading up to Kevin’s family’s cabin every summer.  Here’s year one, two and three!  (Geez it’s fun to look back at these boys!).  The O’Learys had this adorable little shack of a place for years and years, and last year, they decided to start from scratch.  They built a gorgeous house/cabin on a beautiful lake, and the whole Prosser family got to enjoy it together!  We are so blessed!  There was plenty of space for all the little ones and also the big ones.  It was so great to be together as a family!

We fished, we boated, we played.  The boys went kayaking and tubing (Leyton and Luke are crazy!).  We had a couple bonfires and let the boys stay up and make s’mores.  We lit sparklers, played in the sandbox and in the kiddie pool.  We were all so busy with our little ones, but did manage to have a couple conversations with the adults.  Nate & Britt hashed out a huge life decision.. (and found out they’re moving as Nate is joining the St. Louis Blues.. ugh)  The little cousins had so much fun together.  It was a wonderful weekend!

Leyton is our little daredevil this summer and will try and do anything.  He definitely leads the pack with these cousins and loves to interact with all of them.  He has to know what everyone is doing and saying, all the time, just so he doesn’t miss a thing.  Leyton’s the busy one, and can find something to do everywhere he goes.  He is so serious about playing.  Finn is a little mix.  He loves to have fun, and his smile was beaming when they were tubing.  He likes to get a little crazy with the kids..  we put Leyton, Finn and Emeri in the bunks one night just to see if this could work.  Within about 10 seconds, they were all 3 yelling and being so silly.  It was hilarious.  But with Finn, he also needs to sneak away to have some alone time apart from all the chaos.  A characteristic I can relate to :)  Everett was.. Everett.  We’re still trying to figure this guy out.  He’s not the best sleeper yet, and is far from a schedule of any sort.  But he’s a happy guy and he’s smiling now!  That smile is just about the best thing in the world.  We have some fun, hilarious boys!  I can’t complain!

It turns out I took a million pictures.  Bare with me!

7.20-1 7.20-2 7.20-3 7.20-4 7.20-5 7.20-6 7.20-7 7.20-8 7.20-9 7.233 7.20-10 7.20-11 7.20-12 7.20-13 7.20-14 7.20-15 7.20-16 7.20-18 7.20-17 7.20-19 7.20-20 7.20-21 7.20-22 7.20-23


7.20-26 7.20-24 7.20-25 7.20-27 7.20-28 7.20-29 7.20-30 7.20-31 7.20-32 7.20-33 7.20-34

7.20-387.20-41 7.20-39 7.20-40 7.20-42 7.20-43 7.20-44 7.20-457.2327.20-467.20-47 7.20-48 7.20-49 7.20-50 7.20-51 7.20-52 7.20-53 7.20-54 7.20-55


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