The little brothers

I’ve always loved the idea of brothers.  Growing up with 3 brothers, I’ve seen the relationship they had and I know there’s nothing else like it.  Brothers stick together, defend each other, brothers do life together and unlike sisters, this relationship never seems to be too complex.  They just get each other.  They don’t overthink it or question how the other one got there.  They  fight every once in a while, because that’s what boys do, but then it’s over quickly.  Because they know they have to live with each other.  And they sorta love that.  Lately, this is my Leyton and Finn.

Personally, my life has gotten easier now that these two decided to be friends.  They play together, then separate.  They follow each other around and yet, give each other space.  I’m liking it.  Leyton, the eldest one, came to me today with a toy and said, “you need to put this up on the counter.  We were fighting over it.”  Haha, they’re figuring it out!  Finn is definitely more adaptable and is learning the sharing concept much easier than Leyton.  (second child thing, right?)  It’s a nightly occurrence, after we read and pray together in Leyton’s bed, that Leyton begs for Finn to sleep with him.  ”I want to go to sleep with my friend!”  But considering how silly Finn gets at nights and how much of a light sleeper Leyton is, we’re going to hold off on this.  But once these two are roommates, we’re in for whole lotta fun (and little sleep?)

Now that I know we’re going to have a slew of brothers around here, I’m incredibly grateful for the bond these two are forming.  It’s such a fun thing to watch and knowing that these two are setting the tone for the Prosser siblings makes me very happy.  They have built-in best friends and my prayer is that they will always realize this.  I pray that they stay individuals and can flourish on their own; while always leaning on, supporting each other and have a deep love for these best friends.

Today, I have a two year old and a three year old.  This is fun!

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