The 4 kid update

Even in the midst of this season of transition (as we wait for our house to be finished!) our kids are growing and changing daily and we are loving this season of life with them!

Not surprisingly, Leyton still LOVES school and has so much to report everyday when we pick him up! I love seeing his papers he brings home.. his handwriting is getting much better and he loves to draw and doodle on everything. He still has his “team” of boys from last year and has made many new friends in his first grade class. He’s definitely a social one! He also loves the days that he gets to ride home on the bus with his good friend Noah. My mom always comments that Leyton reminds her so much of me. He is thorough and detailed with his work and he works so hard. And he loves to memorize! On the way to school, he and I are working on memorizing a packet of 10 verses that I put together for him. He keeps repeating them over and over until he gets it! Leyton is busy with school, hockey and loves coming home to wrestle his brothers! He’s still a giant and already eats like a teenager!


Finn is doing so well in preschool and we are so proud of his confidence and just how comfortable he is at school! When I ask him about his little friends, he gets shy and doesn’t say much. But when he gets to school, he runs right to his friends. (Levi, Teddy, Zack and Reagan are a few of them!) He’s a lot more engaged this year with his writing and working on his letters. Finn and I still have our quiet afternoons together where we do puzzles, play games, just hang out! I will sure miss these years when he’s at Kindergarten :) Finn’s still in speech class twice a week and although he has made sporadic progress, he still is working on his stutter. He is the sweetest with Ivy and loves to smile at her any chance he can get. He and Everett do get along.. for the most part. We’re working on Finn not getting so angry when he gets upset. He’s a sweet boy, but definitely doesn’t like being messed with! He finally stopped needing pull ups at night (yay!) but is still our touchy sleeper. He’s notorious for having so many random aches and pains in the middle of the night!


Everett’s a wild man, as always! If it were up to him, he would have a ball in hand at all times. He would be running, throwing something or wrestling. We’ll be sending him the bill for all the marks in my parents wall! Oh, speaking of him costing us money.. we had an incident the other day when we got to skating practice. I was loading everyone out, while the boys are standing in the median area waiting for me. First, they are throwing rocks up in the air and watching them come down. Before something bad happened, I yelled at them for that. Next thing I know, I hear a huge noise only to realize that Everett chucked a rock at the car right next to him. Long story short, we had to exchange insurance information with the not so happy lady that was sitting in her car. (side note: during all this, Leyton is running around the parking lot yelling “vote for Trump! vote for Trump!”) Oohhh, my boys. Also, the other day Luke asked who made the toothpaste mess in the bathroom. Leyton said,”Everett did it!” When Luke asked how he knew this, Leyton said, “Well, Everett and I are the wild ones. And I for surely didn’t do it.” Haha! So yes, Everett’s still wild. When people ask how old he is, he says “six” and he honestly thinks that’s the age he is. He prefers to run with the big kids at hockey practice and will play catch with any six, seven, eight year old who’s around. He’s crazy, he yells and he gets disciplined more than any of our kids. BUT, he’s hilarious and such a funny kid. He will do great things in this world and I love watching that kid, even if I credit all my headaches to this 2 year old.


And Ivy! She’s SWEET! She’s such an easy and happy baby. I love this age. She sits up on her own and just plays with the toys we put around her. She gets so excited when anyone (but especially me!) walks into the room. She loves to be held and will just stare at you smiling while you hold her. She loves to be tickled and that sweet giggling noise just melts me! She points her toes when she’s excited and folds her hands when she’s happy. She stares at me when I get ready and loves to sit on the couch and hang with the boys. She’s just the best. Well, not at sleeping. She’s really hanging onto this feeding at night thing. It isn’t terrible, usually just once at night, but we’re just going to deal with it until she’s in her own room (!) and in her own crib (!) ¬†She’s eating more food and doing pretty well at it, when I can remember to feed her! I know that’s terrible but I keep forgetting to give her food. 4th child!


These kids make us laugh everyday and keep surprising us at the kids they are becoming! We couldn’t be more proud of each of them!

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