Thanksgiving weekend 2017

We had a full and wonderful weekend! As I sit here Sunday night totally exhausted (and ready for Monday morning).. I’m trying to think back over our weekend and it was one of those weekends that was all a bit of a blur. We weren’t crazy busy, but well… being all together, all the time.. that’s exhausting, but yes, wonderful too. We hosted Thanksgiving this year! This time last year, we were in the middle of lots of decisions about our theoretical new home. I remember my mom saying that we should host Thanksgiving the next year, which sounded like a dream! And Wednesday night, as Luke and I put the finishing touches on prepping our house for the next day, we couldn’t help but reflect on how grateful we are for this house, and for the lives that fill it. We are so so grateful!

My family all came over on Thanksgiving day, included my parents, Tyler, Nathan and Erin and Ryan and Lisa’s family from Des Moines. It was so fun to be all together without anywhere to go all day! We played, ate tons of food (I made the turkey!), played football outside and just relaxed. At night, Erin, Lisa and I went shopping (we deserved it after that long day) ;)

The rest of the weekend was filled with lots of family time, a little bit of hockey and getting our Christmas tree! We haven’t done the tree farm thing in a while, but we thought our little family could handle it this year! They did great.. it was so fun. We searched and searched for about 45 minutes and finally found one we thought was perfect. Turns out it’s so big, and a little crooked, but oh well! It was a fun memory!


The kids wanted to have cereal at the table the morning of Thanksgiving. The loved having their little kid space and even prayed together before eating. It was honestly such a sweet moment, I was tearing up behind the camera!

11.23-7 11.23-11 11.23-14 11.23-18 11.23-19 11.23-24 11.23-27 11.23-28 11.23-34 11.23-385 11.23-390 11.23-396 11.23-402 11.23-408 11.23-410 11.23-440 11.23-443 11.23-452 11.23-459 11.23-461 11.23-462 11.23-465 11.23-469 11.23-480 11.23-48611.23-493 11.23-497 11.23-505 11.23-510 11.23-51311.26-211.26-4

Christmas tree day!

11.26-5 11.26-6 11.26-7 11.26-8 11.26-9 11.26-10 11.26-11 11.26-12 11.26-13 11.26-14 11.26-15 11.26-1611.26-18 11.26-19

Now we get ready for the next big holiday.. Christmas! Here comes the lovely way-too-busy December! I am due for a kid update on this little bloggy blog.. I keep meaning to post about how the boys are doing in school! We’ll see if I get around to it before the school year is done haha!

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