Thanksgiving 2018

I seriously love looking back at past holidays, and seeing how our kids grow so much year to year! And Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. I try not to sneak much Christmas in before Thanksgiving.. it’s really nice to have a relaxed holiday where there’s no hype, no presents.. it’s really just about being together with our families and eating a lot of good food! Erin and Nathan hosted the Kirkpatricks this year, they’re house is the cutest! When we left there, Luke and I both said it was hard to leave because we were SO relaxed :) But we headed to the Prosser house after that, and honestly I don’t have many pictures because it’s just way to busy to pull out my camera! I did snap some pictures of the cousin crew. They’re all looking so much bigger! But they’re still so little :) Those kids are so lucky to grow up with cousins close by!

After recovering from Thanksgiving, the rest of the weekend was filled with hockey (Leyton had a tournament in Stillwater), and just being together as a family! We took the boys to Wreck in Ralph 2 which was so fun. I love our yearly tradition of going to a local tree farm to pick up and chop down our Christmas tree. We went into it with a plan to move quickly, as last year we spent waaay too much time picking it out. So it was quick but so fun! Then we went to Caribou after for hot chocolate. I love that about Christmas.. such great traditions for us all to look forward to!
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