Thanksgiving 2016

We had such a great Thanksgiving weekend! I found out only a couple days prior that Leyton had the WHOLE week off of school! He told me, but I didn’t believe him.. until it was true. So! We had a lot of fun with him home! But it did make me realize how 3 isn’t so bad.. 4 is tough! (especially when that added 4th is a wild 6 year old) But we played in the snow a bunch, Leyton went over to his friends house (because we do that now!), they boys saw a movie with dad, had lots of hockey practice and a tournament, did some Christmas shopping, and ¬†just had lots of great family time! Thanksgiving day was great. We usually do both parents houses and since we live at one, it made it nice and convenient! We spent the earlier part of the day at mine then headed to Maple Grove for the Prosser side!¬†

I love Thanksgiving! It gives us a chance to slow down, be with family and really think about all we’re grateful for. We honestly feel so overwhelming blessed right now. We are blessed with each one of our kids, the house we are building, a great job for Luke, incredible extended family and above all, our relationship with the Lord. We thank God everyday for everything He’s given us! It’s too much to count and we’re so grateful for all He has entrusted us with. We pray that we can honor Him with it all!

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