Summer Photos Pt. 1

It’s crazy that summer will be wrapping up soon! Before I went through these photos, I was going to sum up summer pretty briefly, say that just played outside a bunch and didn’t do much. But after looking through these photos, we definitely had some moments worth remembering!

This was the summer of hockey cards. The boys save for them, collect them, memorize them and trade them non stop. Besides breaking up the occasional argument about it, it’s been pretty fun for them. As far as sports, Leyton played lacrosse this year, which he totally loved! It was so fun to watch him. It’s a fast sport, non stop movement and it’s competitive.. perfect for Leyton :) All three boys started golf this summer. It’s a great change of pace. But after one practice where Everett took his shirt off and was pouring his water bottle over his head, we’ve had to talk about golf course etiquette :) Everett also started hockey this summer, which he was SO excited about! He had an intro to mite team and then he just joined Finn’s Skeeters team. So between lacrosse, golf, hockey and soon to be football for Leyton, we are busy! But I honestly don’t mind. I’ve become a professional schedule juggler, but it’s fun. The boys get to hang out so much at home during the day that we don’t mind getting out a little bit in the evening.

8.2-20 8.2-9 7.29-9 7.18-67 7.18-58 7.18-46 7.18-29 7.18-8 7.18-3 7.15-170 7.15-163 7.15-152 7.15-139 7.15-136 7.15-132 7.15-122 7.15-126 7.15-88 7.15-77 7.15-74 7.15-57 7.15-46 7.15-26 7.15-22 7.4-4 7.4-2-2 5.27-1033 5.27-1043 5.27-1058 5.27-1015 5.27-1005 5.27-1002 5.27-985 5.27-960 5.27-957 5.27-956 5.27-942 5.27-933 5.27-915 5.27-890 5.27-840 5.27-826

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