So much Halloween and so much Leyton.

We had tons of events for Halloween this year! The boys all wanted to be ninjas so I found this pretty cheap costumes online and they got so much use out of them! And for little miss Ivy.. she was a cute little lamb! Last week there was a trick or treating thing at Kowalskis grocery store then the big boys went to Spooky skate (oh! Finn is doing pretty well at skating lessons and scooting his little body all around the ice!) Then of course, trick or treating around my parents neighborhood on Halloween night. It was so cute to watch the boys go around together.. Everett is definitely one of the boys now! I love his cute little voice when they rang the doorbells.. “tick ow teat!”

We also had a busy weekend with tons of Leyton things. On Friday afternoon, we did a community service event with his school, raking leaves around the neighborhood. My boy is such a hard worker! It was so fun to do that with him. Then on Saturday morning, he ran a half mile race at the school (another chance to wear the costume!) He takes his job so seriously and sprinted the whole way. His face lit up when we told him he was the first 1st grader! Then after a donut run, he had Mite hockey tryouts in White Bear. It’s so fun to watch him, he really loves it and even scored 5 goals! I love how involved we have become in the White Bear community, but it makes me excited to start this again in our new city and get to know all the families in our little world. With all these kids I’m sure we’ll have tons of chances to be involved!

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