Halloween 2017


We had such a fun Halloween day! But.. I must be getting older because I’m kind of sick of this holiday by the time it rolls around. It felt like 2 solid weeks of ghost, goblins, skeletons..haha, anyways, not the point. The kids love it all! :) We started our Halloween morning with Everett and Ivy at the mall of America! Everett was so excited to wear a costume, of course, and picked his ninja costume from last year! Ivy opted out of a costume for the morning, but apparently was going as her very overtired mom, downing the huge Starbucks. (side note, that girl is hilarious and copies everything I do! It’s so cute) Then, in the afternoon, I went to Leyton and Finn’s school to help out in their classrooms and see their parade through the halls of the school. So fun to be a part of that! And of course, in the evening we went trick or treating in our new(ish) neighborhood. As we suspected, it was crawling with tons of little kids! Our little neighbor kids right around us walked around together and although it was 32 degrees out, they went around for a while! Finn was so funny. He went to like 5 houses, got a HUGE lollipop at one house, and said he was good! He said he got enough candy and was ready to head home! I didn’t argue with that and headed back with him, to join my parents, Erin and Nathan handing out candy to the kids that came to the door. Leyton and Everett kept going for probably another hour! :)

It was a successful Halloween!

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Ivy, 18 months!

Little miss Ivy is a whole one and a half! She seems so much older lately. After finally learning to walk, she seems like such a big girl strutting all over the house. And she has such a big personality! She’s sweet, smiley but with a bit of a feisty side. She knows what she wants, and she will let you know. She lets her biggest cry out when someone takes away food from her, oh she hates that! She loves her snacks and can often be seen walking around with a whole bag of goldfish, because I’m slightly scared of her :) She is a good eater, but if she’s done eating or doesn’t like something, she throws it off her tray immediately. The dolls and princesses and all things pink are starting to show up a little more around our house, but she still prefers trains, car and little lego guys. She loves her brothers and can handle a whole lot of roughing up from those boys. She thinks she can roll with the big kids and loves to get right in the mix of all the neighbor kids on our driveway. If you could ask her, she would say her best friend is the new neighbor girl Keira across the street. She LOVES her and lights up even when you say her name! But she’s also pretty obsessed with dad and lets out a loud squeal when he walks in the door. We love our little miss personality and love this sweet age!


10.15-21 10.15-20

And of course, because she has a lot of brothers..!10.15-15 10.15-14

The start of fall!

Fall is here and we are fully embracing this new season! There’s a chill in the air is less light during the day. But it also feels different because we are down by two during the daytime. Ivy and Everett are turning out to be quite the little duo and we’re enjoying the slower(ish) pace. But on our weekends, we fully maximize our time with the whole family! So far, one apple orchard and two pumpkin patches! Yes, the camera seems to favor Ivy but it’s understandable :)


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1st day of school for Leyton and Finn!

And just like that.. half are gone! Ugh. It’s so weird! I am currently sitting out on our porch on a perfectly crisp day, with a totally silent house. 2 are in school and 2 are napping. It has been yeeeaaars since I’ve had this little window of quiet! I really don’t know what to do with myself. But! Let’s talk’s about school. Leyton was so excited and ready to start school. By now, he’s totally got it down. He has a male teacher this year, Mr. Mathern and he seems so great. Leyton does know a few kids in his class from last year, but considering we came in half year last year, this feels like a new start for the boys.

At the open house, Leyton was great and showing Finn around and telling him about the school. Finn was loving it all. He met his teacher, Mrs. Callahan at the open house last year and then after his first day yesterday, he came home and reported that he has the “nicest teacher in the whole school.” So sweet! She seems great and like a perfect fit for our boy.

I am SO proud of Finn! He has taken this all in stride and has jumped into it all head first. He’s grown up so much lately! He has totally taken off on his bike and rides that thing so fast, with zero fear. He’s also done much better at being bold in the swimming pool and again, has no fear. Also, the other day, he had money to spend at Target and wanted to pick out a pretty elaborate lego set. I’m totally not proud of this mom moment, but I said, “are you sure? Maybe you’ll need Leyton’s help?” (Leyton’s always been the lego guy). He said, “no I’ve got it.” And he came home and build the whole thing himself! See why I’m so proud?! He didn’t even flinch when he was getting on the bus yesterday (I was trying to pull some tears out of him, but nothin!)

And now I’m home (in the silence) with just 2! Everett isn’t doing any preschool this year, so I’m back to just having the little ones. Anyone want to meet for a playdate? :)



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August & the end of our summer!

It’s safe to say, we totally maximized our summer! We spent so much time outside, going to so many parks, pools, beaches, and enjoying what still feels like our “new” house! The kids LOVE playing with the many neighbor kids, they love the trampoline, riding bikes (seriously Finn got so good at riding his bike!), playing in the sandbox, water guns, and on it goes. It’s been such a great summer! We spent every morning the first two weeks of August at dryland hockey for Finn and Leyton. They totally loved it, and Everett and Ivy were champs. Everett has a little buddy that made the time go by quickly. Everett finished his little 8 week skating session. He did really well and totally loved it! Leyton started tackle football (more pictures I’m sure to come). And the boys camped out in our backyard with Luke, which was so fun! I can tell the boys will be ready for school. They are loving summer, but are getting more bored and aren’t as excited when I tell them we’re going to the park or beach. I seriously can’t believe I will have TWO kids in school starting this week!

And probably the biggest news from August is that Ivy finally learned to walk! On August 13th (the boys remember the exact date), she took off! She really wasn’t into it but one night when we were getting ready for bed, she just went for it! We were all freaking out, it was fun :) So at 16 months, Ivy finally got it! Here’s a video of her little steps and tons of pictures! It’s hilarious looking at these pictures and how many bodies are always in the way. No wonder it took her so long!





And just tons of pictures from our wonderful August!August17-01 August17-02 August17-03 August17-04 August17-05 August17-06 August17-07 August17-08 August17-09 August17-10 August17-11 August17-12

August17-19 August17-20 August17-21 August17-22 August17-23 August17-24 August17-25 August17-26 August17-27 August17-28 August17-29 August17-32 August17-33 August17-34 August17-35 August17-36 August17-37 August17-38 August17-39


Annual Washington County Fair!

The county fair in Stillwater is definitely a tradition for our family. I love looking back at past years trips to the little fair! And it’s so cute that they have memories from it and look forward to it every year. It’s a perfect size for our crew.. we eat way too much fair food, ride a couple rides, see the animals, watch some pig races and that’s about all we can handle! It was such a fun day this year. We started our Saturday with a bagel store stop in the morning, then went hiking around Minnehaha falls, made a little stop at a splash pad, relaxed at my parents for a bit before hitting up the fair! A full but very fun day :) We love making memories with our kids!

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Look at me having some sort of system to this blog thing! It’s my attempt at recording what little bits I can of memories during this rapid pace of life we are in! We are loving summer and taking full advantage of all summer has to offer. By this point in the summer, most people have commented how fast it’s going and how they still have so much to do! But for us, we’ve done it all. A few times over. Well, Leyton does have a few things still on his summer bucket list.. a trampoline park (I thought he’d seen enough of those in the winter) and camping out in our backyard.. which we will get to! But I feel like we’ve done a lot!  July brought us more trips to the beach and to the parks, a trip to the zoo with some friends, 4th of July festivities, lots of sports for the boys, and on it goes! Yes this is a bit of a massive photo post but I love all these sweet memories!

7.4-17.4-5 7.4-47 7.4-70 7.9-14 7.9-22 IMG_0094 IMG_0103 IMG_0133July17-1 July17-2 July17-3 July17-4 July17-5 July17-14 July17-15 July17-16July17-18 July17-19 July17-20

Love this photo of the whole crew one morning. Luke and I were just talking about how much money these kids are going to need for college (blah) so I sent him this picture and said, “let’s just keep everyone home and hang out a bunch.”
July17-22July17-25July17-27 July17-28

They love taking her down the slide and she loves it just as much! :)


Celebrating Nathan Brown’s birthday one night :)


Everett LOVED soccer! (No surprise) He jumped right in there and love kicking the ball and scoring goals!


Summer is also meant for really messy lego rooms :)

July17-34July17-36 July17-37 July17-38 July17-39 July17-40 July17-41 July17-42July17-47

We had a sleepover with Emeri, Willa and Alba! Very little sleep but so much fun!


We went to visit our friends beautiful farm out in Wisconsin! Such a fun night getting our friends and all the kids together.

July17-49July17-51 July17-52 July17-53 July17-54 July17-55 July17-56 July17-57


A little bike ride with my big boys! Oh, speaking of which! Finn learned to ride a bike in July! As we know with Finn, he can’t be pushed or persuaded to get rid of the training wheels. So, we didn’t bug him about it and one day he decided it was time to get them off! He just needed a couple lessons and he was off! We’re so proud of him! I’ll add the video of his first solo ride. (Leyton’s commentary is also the best)


https://vimeo.com/227840677 July17-59 July17-60

Finn did great in T-Ball! The big guy is really growing up :) He did a great job hitting the ball and running around the bases!


And! Everett’s got the potty training thing down! So surprisingly, he was the easiest to train! And yes, he always wears masks :)



We had a visit from my friend Angela from Iowa! So fun to get this crew together. (And explore Minnehaha falls!)

July17-63July17-65 July17-66 July17-67 July17-68 July17-69

And lastly, Luke and I had such a great date together last week.. shopping, kayaking on Lake Harriet and eating dinner. I love that man!

July17-71 July17-72


O’Leary Cabin 2017!


We love our summer tradition of going up to Kevin’s parents cabin! It’s so fun to get all the little ones together and just embrace the chaos under one roof. They have such a beautiful cabin and it’s honestly so relaxing to just have no agenda besides being outside, boating, tubing, fishing, playing in the bunks, playing games, roasting smores and eating! It’s crazy to watch these kids grow up so fast right before us. Luke and I were getting all sappy the other night looking back at this from just 3 years ago. I love the 3 year old Shea McCoy Everett combo. They are silly and wild and love to wrestle.  And it’s crazy than in a few years they’ll be giants like Leyton that will probably be throwing full punches at each other. (seriously Leyton looks so big I can’t handle it!) And the Finn Leyton Emeri combo is so cute, they’re loving being the “big kids”. And Willa jumps right in there with everyone. And Griffin walks around protecting little Ivy, it’s the cutest. We were just missing Alba this year! It was so fun to be together, we’ll definitely be back next year!

7.16-1 7.16-23 7.16-29 7.16-71 7.16-77 7.16-85 7.16-92 7.16-99 7.16-101 7.16-108 7.16-113 7.16-122 7.16-138 7.16-171 7.16-197 7.16-201 7.16-207 7.16-237 7.16-247 7.16-254 7.16-256 7.16-258 7.16-260 7.16-263 7.16-291 7.16-299 7.16-304 7.16-314 7.16-323 7.16-333 7.16-338 7.16-3487.16-364 7.16-372 7.16-394 7.16-403 7.16-405 7.16-416 7.16-4317.16-446 7.16-450 7.16-453 7.16-457 7.16-469 7.16-474 7.16-479 7.16-491 7.16-505 7.16-509 7.16-519 7.16-536 7.16-541 7.16-549 7.16-561IMG_0011 IMG_0019 IMG_0042 IMG_0057


June & the beginning of summer!

We had a very busy, but wonderful month of June! With the ending of school came this mad rush to totally experience everything summer has to offer! Leyton was out of school for a whole hour and we were already at the beach/splash park by our house! Before school ended, I went on a field trip with Leyton’s class to Como Zoo and Leyton and I also got the chance to volunteer for Feed My Starving Children with his friend Noah, which was really great! Let’s see.. we were also in a hail storm one scary Sunday morning in June (long story, but we learned the lesson to next time watch the weather before heading to church) In June, we finally got grass (yay!) and we’ve been playing in it constantly. We finished the screened in porch and we spend so many hours in there! We eat lunch out there, relax, do crafts, play games.. it’s quickly become our favorite spot in the house! All 3 boys were in hockey this month, so we’ve done lots of runs to the rink! We have lots of downtown playing at home, and with the many little neighbor kids. In June, we also went strawberry picking, went to lots of parks and beaches, the farmers market and visited daddy at his work in Minneapolis! Bring on SUMMER!

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Grandview Lodge with the Kirk fam!


We had such a wonderful week with my whole family in town! The big group of us went up to Grandview Lodge for 4 days. We went two years ago and had such a fun time, we had to continue the tradition a couple years later! It’s rare to get everyone together, so the trip was perfect to just be together. (Here’s the post from last time!) This year we added Nathan Brown to the bunch.. oh and Ivy! It’s so fun to get these kids together. They all keep getting older and cuter and they really get along so well together! We are truly blessed. And Grandview is such a perfect place for all of us. Someone commented that my mom should be a spokesperson for Grandview Lodge (and for Aldi) :) But as she said, “I would come just for the flowers!” The place is so beautiful. We had great weather, stayed in a nice big 5 bedroom house together, and spent four wonderful days exploring the place! We logged in a lot of hours at the pool and the kids were obsessed with the slide! We played on the beach, swam in the lake and the big boys jumped on the trampoline in the lake. We rented a boat, cruised around and some went fishing. We rented bikes, played mini golf and tennis, went on a nature scavenger hunt, roasted marshmallows by the bonfire and ate ice cream everyday! Like I said, perfect! I’m so glad we were able to do this trip again, and we’re all already excited for the next trip! (Forewarning, there’s a lot of pictures! And I seem to be partial to Ivy) :)

6.24-1 6.24-2 6.24-3 6.24-5 6.24-7 6.24-8 6.24-9 6.24-10 6.24-12 6.24-13 6.24-146.24-16 6.24-186.24-20 6.24-21 6.24-22 6.24-23 6.24-24 6.24-25 6.24-26 6.24-27 6.24-28 6.24-29 6.24-30 6.24-31 6.24-326.24-36 6.24-37 6.24-38 6.24-39 6.24-40 6.24-41 6.24-42 6.24-44 6.24-45 6.24-46 6.24-47 6.24-48 6.24-49 6.24-50 6.24-51 6.24-52 6.24-53 6.24-54 6.24-56 6.24-57 6.24-58 6.24-596.24-62 6.24-63 6.24-646.24-66 6.24-67 6.24-68 6.24-69 6.24-70 6.24-71 6.24-72 6.24-74 6.24-75 6.24-78 6.24-79 6.24-80 Processed with VSCO with g3 preset IMG_0005 IMG_0013 IMG_0022 IMG_0024 IMG_0030 IMG_0050 IMG_0051 IMG_0052 IMG_0056IMG_0073 IMG_0078 IMG_0091IMG_0130 2