O’Leary Cabin

We had such a fun weekend with Steph and Kevin! They have such an adorable little cabin about 2 hours away. The lake is so still and clear, the sand is perfect, the sun was wonderful and overall, it was so relaxing and fun! We boated, we fished (I won.. if there was a contest), we had a bonfire, we slept in the sun and just hung out! Luke’s parents came up for a bit too, it was so fun to be with the family and little Leyton! And… I got to shoot an awesome Rock the Dress photo session with Steph. Round Lake will never be the same.. neither will her dress. I may need to include a highlight photo. It was awesome!
A couple other highlights.. seriously, seriously.. Leyton is trying to talk! We noticed a huge difference the morning we woke up on Sunday. He’s trying to form actual words! It went just a bunch of random noises and machine gun noises that are already better than his mom’s.. to saying “da da da” (I really do think it’s somewhere close to saying da-da.. who knows) and trying to copy what I say! We have conversations now :)
We can pretty much official say he’s crawling. It’s not quite consistent, but that kid has it down. He moves his hands with his knees and scoots all over the place. If I leave him alone in the living room, he’ll be under the coffee table or into the next room pretty quick. Crazy boy. It seems so early!

this happened a few times. Little guy just couldn’t stay awake on the boat.

So happy!

like father, like son.

he’s standing! leaning against the window.

see, told you so.

he loves his dinosaur/monster hat.

and you’re welcome.. two beautiful people that we are proud to call our brother and sister!

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