Leyton’s last day of 1st grade!

We are all pretty excited around here.. summer has arrived! Leyton finished his last day of 1st grade yesterday and he already made his bucket list for this summer. It includes lemonade stands, camping in our backyard, beach days, pool days, playing with friends and fishing :) I’m so ready for all of that! I’m excited to have everyone home. I like having them all home to sort of “retrain” them but bad habits learned at school. Leyton did really well during the second half of 1st grade after moving to the new house and joining Blue Heron. It wasn’t all easy, but I guess that what new changes bring sometimes. We had to deal with a few new issues that we hadn’t come across before. We had to have lots of good talks about staying away from the naughty kids and choosing to make good choices. I think everyone else in the class knew which naughty kids to steer clear from, but Leyton, being the crowd pleaser he is, went for the ones he could be goofy and squirrelly with! And he also came home with reports of bad words he learned that had never entered this house before. Again, lots of good talks! Even though all these new “issues” made us both squirm as parents, I honestly love having the chance to talk through all of this with Leyton and I’m glad he’s able to confide in us. He’s our first, so it’s all a bit shocking, but as I told Luke, we’d better buck up and be able to deal with all this, it’s probably just getting started!

Anyways, we made it through the year and he found some great friends! The boys already have a bunch of little neighbor friends and Leyton’s meeting other friends at hockey as well. We’re sinking our roots in around here! We know that God provided this lot and this house just for our family and we’re trusting him with all these changes! We love our big boy and love watching him grow right before us! Can’t believe he’s onto 2nd grade! But before we get to that.. let’s do SUMMER!



Leyton wanted pictures with each of his siblings! :)

6.8-02 6.8-03 6.8-04 6.8-05 6.8-06


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