Leyton’s baptism!


Not surprisingly, it’s been a busy and wonderful summer so far! So crazy that we’re over halfway done! I will get to a big summer picture dump, but first, a momentous event that deserves it’s own post. A couple of weeks ago, Leyton was baptized!

We started attending Eagle Brook church about 6 months ago. One day, Leyton came out of Sunday school and said, “I want to be baptized!” I asked him why and he said “because I want everyone to know that I’m on Jesus’ team.” That’ll make a mom cry! :) We talked about it more just to make sure he understood the idea and he was so sure of this decision and so excited! He keeps telling everyone that he went into the water to show that his old life is gone and he has a new, clean life with Jesus. Seriously I couldn’t be more proud. Leyton’s relationship with Jesus has been growing even more recently and he has such a sincere, innocent faith. He definitely understands the idea of inviting Jesus into your heart, of letting him be the Lord of your life with the promise of living in heaven for eternity. It’s a very cool thing to watch! The day of the baptism, I told him that out of all the things he has accomplished.. the good grades, the goals in hockey, that this is what I am most proud of! This is what matters!

The afternoon of the baptism was so special. Our families were there, everyone was cheering for him, I was crying of course! I’m so so proud of you Leyton!

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