Leyton’s 9th birthday!

Of course I’m a little late on this, but we celebrated Leyton during NINE last month! 9?! Thats crazy. I keep catching myself when people ask how old he is, I can’t quite bring myself to say I have a 9 year old. I reminded him this morning when he whined about putting away his clean, folded laundry. I said, “in 9 short years, you will be doing your own laundry start to finish buddy!” Halfway there already? I can’t think about it too long or I’ll just cry. What a ride it’s been so far with our oldest. Oh I could say so much about him, I don’t know where to start! The layers just keep building with this kid. He was our cranky newborn, our stubborn toddler, our wild child, and now our constantly curious, always busy, non stop talkative nine year old! I’m constantly amazed by him and I tell him all the time that God has something big in store for him. We are so blessed to have him as our firstborn!

Since Leyton and I are birthday buddies, we go on a special date very year. This year we went rock climbing together and it was SO fun. It was so great to not be that naggy mom for a little bit and just do something fun. He is a crazy man and loved this new challenge. We were sweating and having so much fun together. After, we went to the Dairy Queen drive through and ate our blizzards in the parking lot listening to music. He felt so old! Later that week, for his ┬ábirthday party, we had a bunch of his crazy friends to Grand Slam for 3 hours of wonderful chaos. I’d say it was all a success!


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