Leyton’s 1st day of Kindergarten!

And just like that, we did it! First day of school.. check. He did SO great, as we knew he would!  I was a nervous wreck all morning.  But after the hair was spiked, the lunch was packed, the pictures were taken, Luke and I drove him to school! We were totally those lame parents that kept lingering. I forgot to tell him I put his snack in the front pocket of his backpack, Luke wanted to tell Leyton that he saw his friend in the other classroom.  See, lame. But eventually, we made ourselves walk away and I managed to hold off the tears until the car ride home.  I told Luke, “how are we old enough for this?!”  After finally picking him up, he had nothing but great reports! Very few reports, but still, all good stuff. He’s so excited for day #2!

9.10-8 9.10-12 9.10-13 9.10-24 9.10-42 9.10-58 9.10-68 9.10-84 9.10-86 9.10-92 9.10-96 9.10-100 9.10-104

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