Leyton, the preschooler

Yesterday was Leyton’s first day at preschool!  It was a surreal day for us all.  Again, Luke is home, so we loved being able to bring him to his school together to see him off!  We went last week with Leyton to meet the teacher and see the classroom, and they do an awesome job at making it kid heaven so of course, he was thrilled.  But the night before school, I mentioned going and he after saying “yeah preschool!”  he said, “but you’ll be going with me, won’t be mom?”  I decide to just say yes at that moment and wait until tomorrow to discuss it more (that’s totally Leyton.. no need in getting him stressed ahead of time) :)  So the next morning, after taking a slew of pictures, we headed to his school.  As soon as we got to the door and he saw the toys and kids, he was off.  We had to stop him to give us hugs and say goodbye!  Couldn’t ask for a better exit, but of course he left me in tears.

When we picked him up a couple hours later, he was a happy kid.  He had a great report of the toys, the kids, the teachers, and even how boys stand up to go potty (that’s right son, take some hints…)  We’re so thrilled for Leyton and this new venture!  I had a wonderful morning with just Finn.  We moved at a slower pace, watching cars, reading books and just enjoying each other.  Brought me back to the days of just Leyton.. so nice!  So far, I’m thinking this will be a great thing for our family!

I think if you asked me a year ago if Leyton would do preschool, I would have said no.  He’s a homebody, he’s a wild child, and won’t he get in trouble a lot??   But that shows me how much he has changed!  He’s grown up and evolved so much in this past year, it brings me to tears.  My little tornado boy has the sweetest, most endearing personality.  He is focused, he is intentional and is such an engaging kid.  There’s barely an ounce of a shy spirit in him, he’s extremely social and always up for anything.  He’s an expert player, loves to learn and is more aware of this little world around him.

I am so proud to be his mom and I’m thrilled to call him my son!  It was a special day, little boy.  One I will never forget!

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3 thoughts on “Leyton, the preschooler

  1. Awww how sweet! Good job, Leyton! And momma! I know exactly how you feel and I never thought we would send Jimmy this year either! So amazing how it all changes so fast! Love to you and those sweet little ones!

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