Last day of school!

Summer is officially here! I’m feelings all the feelings of loving having my kids home, loving having everyone together and just enjoying them! They just keep getting older, which is great and “easier” in some ways, but also still so busy! I have so many great memories of my summers growing up, so I really do love that I get to give these kids such fun memories! (That’s one side of my feelings. The other is a little nervous and terrified about it all.. but we won’t go there yet!)

Leyton and Finn both had great school years and finished out so well. And I realized I never blogged Everett pictures, so I will put those here too! But the last day of school was so much fun. We had the boys ride the bus home, sprayed them with silly string, had an ice cream party and then biked to a couple other neighborhood parties with their little buddies! Seriously I love our neighborhood!

5.27-20 5.27-21 5.27-22


Everett loved preschool this year, mostly because of his little buddies! His teachers said they haven’t seen such a tight group of boys like these four.. Jack, Tate, Dash and Everett!

5.27-25 5.27-26 5.27-27

6.5-1 6.5-2 6.5-3 6.5-4 6.5-5 6.5-6 6.5-7 6.5-8 6.5-9 6.5-12 6.5-13 6.5-14 6.5-15 6.5-16 6.5-17 6.5-18 6.5-19 6.5-20 6.5-21 6.5-22 6.5-23 6.5-24 6.5-25 6.5-26 6.5-27

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