Last day of school 2018!

Summer is here!! Leyton and Finn are officially done with 2nd grade and Kindergarten and I have my crew all back together! Everett and Ivy are thrilled. Life just got even more wild and they are loving it. I haven’t decided yet. I’m a mix of.. this is wonderful/I love summer/I love the chaos/wait, it’s too much chaos/I have too many kids… So.. that’s summer for ya!

The last day of school was a little anti-climactic. It was a rainy morning when we were trying to snap these last day of school pictures. Leyton was over it, Finn wasn’t feeling very good, ┬ábut off they went. Then at noon, I got a call from the school nurse saying that Finn was in her office and wanted to be picked up. Haha, I couldn’t say no to that, but when I picked him up, he was FINE. :) My guess is that he wasn’t feeling the best, but maybe the little buddy was just over this school thing. It’s all a bunch of hype, I get it. So, he stayed home with me and helped the neighbor parents and I get the big celebration going for when the kids got off the bus. We had signs, silly string and an ice cream sundae station. Lucky kids! But ironically, Leyton got off the bus not feeling well, complaining of a pain near his appendix. We did eventually bring him up, being the responsible parents that we are, but he was also FINE. See.. just an odd day! But, bring on SUMMER! We’re ready (ish) for ya!

6.6-10 6.6-9 6.6-8 6.6-7 6.6-6 6.6-5 6.6-4 6.6-3 6.6-2 6.6-1




6.6-28 6.6-27 6.6-26 6.6-25 6.6-24 6.6-23 6.6-22 6.6-21 6.6-20 6.6-19 6.6-18 6.6-17 6.6-16 6.6-156.6-13 6.6-12 6.6-11

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