Kirkpatrick Family vacation!

For Christmas, we surprised my parents with a big family trip to Grandview Lodge, in Nisswa, Minnesota.  Luke and I have been there, before having kids.. it’s a beautiful, incredible place and we knew my parents would love it!  Plus, with having five kids spread out in different states, with spouses and little ones, we have to plan these things! My mom was so excited the week before.  I kept telling her to be careful not to let those expectations get too high.. these trips can be tricky with little kids.  But!  It was everything we imagined and way better.  The weather was perfect, the kids did so well, we got to do so many fun activities and enjoy each other so much.  It was seriously perfect.

We swam at the pool and watched the little boys (and grandma!) go down the slide a million times. We played on the beach, swam in the lake and jumped on the lake trampoline. We rented a pontoon and rode all around the lake as a family.  We went on a banana boat road and on kayak rides. We ate ice cream, played games, ate smores around a bonfire and the girls even got massages!  They have an incredible spa on the property and it was SO relaxing!  We kept joking that this is how Kirkpatrick’s travel.. with a touch of luxury! :)  It was such a memorable amazing trip!

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We even got a family photo!  We tried so hard to get the kids to smile :)

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One thought on “Kirkpatrick Family vacation!

  1. This trip looks amazing! Such a fun idea for a present and I’m sure your parents just loved it. I love your family!!

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