Kindergarten graduation & concerts!

Playing a little catch up on here and wrapping up the school year! First, Leyton’s 2nd grade concert from back in March. I just never got around to posting these but it was so cute! Leyton always seems to old to me, but there’s something about these sweet concerts that remind me how little they all are. The years really are flying by. I have memories of plays I did in 2nd grade.. it’s crazy that this will be in Leyton’s memories! (or maybe not haha)

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And then Finn’s! Blue Heron does such a good job at this Kindergarten graduation. Finn was so excited for this concert. They worked on the songs for weeks and they did such a great job! Then then had a slideshow and they each received a little diploma from their graduation! My favorite is all their little hats that wouldn’t stay on. Finn’s constantly trying to keep his head down so it won’t fall off :)

Then, the Kindergarteners did a poem with volunteers reciting something for each letter of the alphabet. Finn had the letter U! I was SO proud of him for volunteering. I was a bit surprised when I got the letter in his folder saying he volunteered. Finn has been in speech class this year and has been working on his stuttering. Although it hasn’t immensely improved, I honestly couldn’t be more proud of his confidence. We had an IEP meeting in May with his teacher and his speech teacher about his progress. They all just smiled talking about how well he is doing and that he isn’t your typical stuttering student. He is confident and not ashamed in the least bit about his stuttering. Mrs. Callahan said that he is well liked by everyone and they always want to be his partner for activities. :) She also reported that for their standardized testing, Finn tested among the highest in the class in the fall. Then in the spring, he had the highest score in the class by quite a bit. I seriously could have cried. This is what I have been praying for! I don’t know what God’s plans are for Finn and for his speech. But I have been praying that this wouldn’t hinder him, and it definitely hasn’t. God is going to use him in big ways. I have loved watching him this year as he’s grown up into such a confident, assured boy!

6.5-1 6.5-3 6.5-2 6.5-4 6.5-5 6.5-6 6.5-7

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