June & the beginning of summer!

We had a very busy, but wonderful month of June! With the ending of school came this mad rush to totally experience everything summer has to offer! Leyton was out of school for a whole hour and we were already at the beach/splash park by our house! Before school ended, I went on a field trip with Leyton’s class to Como Zoo and Leyton and I also got the chance to volunteer for Feed My Starving Children with his friend Noah, which was really great! Let’s see.. we were also in a hail storm one scary Sunday morning in June (long story, but we learned the lesson to next time watch the weather before heading to church) In June, we finally got grass (yay!) and we’ve been playing in it constantly. We finished the screened in porch and we spend so many hours in there! We eat lunch out there, relax, do crafts, play games.. it’s quickly become our favorite spot in the house! All 3 boys were in hockey this month, so we’ve done lots of runs to the rink! We have lots of downtown playing at home, and with the many little neighbor kids. In June, we also went strawberry picking, went to lots of parks and beaches, the farmers market and visited daddy at his work in Minneapolis! Bring on SUMMER!

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