Look at me having some sort of system to this blog thing! It’s my attempt at recording what little bits I can of memories during this rapid pace of life we are in! We are loving summer and taking full advantage of all summer has to offer. By this point in the summer, most people have commented how fast it’s going and how they still have so much to do! But for us, we’ve done it all. A few times over. Well, Leyton does have a few things still on his summer bucket list.. a trampoline park (I thought he’d seen enough of those in the winter) and camping out in our backyard.. which we will get to! But I feel like we’ve done a lot!  July brought us more trips to the beach and to the parks, a trip to the zoo with some friends, 4th of July festivities, lots of sports for the boys, and on it goes! Yes this is a bit of a massive photo post but I love all these sweet memories!

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Love this photo of the whole crew one morning. Luke and I were just talking about how much money these kids are going to need for college (blah) so I sent him this picture and said, “let’s just keep everyone home and hang out a bunch.”
July17-22July17-25July17-27 July17-28

They love taking her down the slide and she loves it just as much! :)


Celebrating Nathan Brown’s birthday one night :)


Everett LOVED soccer! (No surprise) He jumped right in there and love kicking the ball and scoring goals!


Summer is also meant for really messy lego rooms :)

July17-34July17-36 July17-37 July17-38 July17-39 July17-40 July17-41 July17-42July17-47

We had a sleepover with Emeri, Willa and Alba! Very little sleep but so much fun!


We went to visit our friends beautiful farm out in Wisconsin! Such a fun night getting our friends and all the kids together.

July17-49July17-51 July17-52 July17-53 July17-54 July17-55 July17-56 July17-57


A little bike ride with my big boys! Oh, speaking of which! Finn learned to ride a bike in July! As we know with Finn, he can’t be pushed or persuaded to get rid of the training wheels. So, we didn’t bug him about it and one day he decided it was time to get them off! He just needed a couple lessons and he was off! We’re so proud of him! I’ll add the video of his first solo ride. (Leyton’s commentary is also the best)


https://vimeo.com/227840677 July17-59 July17-60

Finn did great in T-Ball! The big guy is really growing up :) He did a great job hitting the ball and running around the bases!


And! Everett’s got the potty training thing down! So surprisingly, he was the easiest to train! And yes, he always wears masks :)



We had a visit from my friend Angela from Iowa! So fun to get this crew together. (And explore Minnehaha falls!)

July17-63July17-65 July17-66 July17-67 July17-68 July17-69

And lastly, Luke and I had such a great date together last week.. shopping, kayaking on Lake Harriet and eating dinner. I love that man!

July17-71 July17-72


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