Ivy’s 2nd birthday!

She’s TWO!!!!

I know you don’t want to hear me say “I can’t believe she’s two!” but.. it’s true! The jump from 1 to 2 is a big one. Our little Ivy girl is a full blown toddler and she’s just.. awesome. She has a huge personality and keeps us laughing all day long. She yaps and yaps all the time and even though I only understand about 10% of it.. I told Luke it’s already kind of exhausting (haha I know we’re in trouble).  But we really can’t imagine life without our little girl.. she just fits! She’s tough and can handle her own when the boys tickle and wrestle her. She loves when daddy throws her around and let’s out her huge cackle when they get so silly. Her eyes get big and light up when she hears a song she loves playing (usually one of the boys hockey songs) and she dances! She laughs when the boys laugh, even when she doesn’t know what’s so funny. She screams when something’s taken from her and gets really frustrated when we can’t understand what she’s saying. We added a new word to the boys vocabulary when we explained the word “sassy.” Ha! She’s stubborn, strong willed, but yet completely joyful and easy going.

At age 2, Ivy sleeps like a champ and is usually the last one awake in the morning. She just sits in her bed talking until we come get her. She insists on sleeping with and carrying to breakfast her Mickey, Minnie, big bunny and little bunny :) (a tad high maintenance) She’s starting to have opinions on what she wears and gets pretty insistant on wearing her floral rain coat and boots. She loves to watch Elmo, Peppa Pig (she makes the pig noise to tell us what she wants to watch) and LOVES to color and draw. Our house has acquired more girly toys around here and Luke even said her birthday party was like her girly coming out party because she totally loved the new purse (with the keys, phone and lip stick), her little dollhouse and the Ariel doll that sings! But she also loves to push around superheroes in her stroller and carry hockey cards and lego guys in her purse. That’s our girl!

We had such a fun party celebrating little miss Ivy with our family, of course with all things Elmo because that’s her favorite right now! We love you Ivy girl, our little two year old!!
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