Ivy turns THREE!

Our little girl is 3! We had such a fun day celebrating miss Ivy. She was really excited about her birthday party and about all of her friends that came over. She has friends! It was so fun to have our big family family, tons of cousins and her other little friends for her party! She had a ballerina party this year, which really meant just lots of pink and lots of tulle. My mom and sister helped make tutus for the girls, and we gave them hair bows and bracelets. It was so fun. On her actual birthday last week, we started the day singing happy birthday to her when she woke up, eating pink donuts in the morning and cupcakes for lunch! (And we started potty training!)  We went swimming that night with our little fam. It was perfect.

We LOVE our Ivy girl and can’t imagine life without her. She has such a big personality and definitely wants to be heard. She is sweet and joyful, determined and stubborn.. we love every bit of her!

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