Ivy Noelle, 8/9/10 months!

HELLO!!! We are back! We are in the new house (when we pull up, Everett always says “hi new house!”).. and we are loving it! It’s SO crazy that this huge project, which we spent months and months making countless decisions over, is actually a real live HOUSE! The morning we moved in, it was empty and so shiny and sparkly. And then this tribe of a family moved in and it is a shiny, sort of messy, loud house full of people! I need to post about this transition, because there’s so much to be said about it all! But overall, it’s been AMAZING. It feels so good to have our space back, our stuff back and to settle in to this new life! I’ve been slacking on blogging because Luke sold my computer right before we moved to do his craigslist updating, but I have yet to actually get a new computer. But I need to update the blog so the details of our crazy life can be recorded!

IVY! Ivy is 10 months! I seriously can’t believe she’s creeping up on ONE. It just can’t be. That went way too fast! She has been an absolute treat and if I could do this whole year over again, I would. But I’m also so excited and curious for what a 1-year-old Ivy is like. It honestly just keeps getting better. Let’s see.. let’s start with the biggest change. Sleep! At my parents, she got into a terrible schedule of waking up 2-3 times at night to feed. She slept in a pack and play right next to our bed and turned into a pretty light sleeper. So, I gave in and just fed her anytime she woke up so I could keep on sleeping. Oh I was tired. So.. night 1 of living in the new house, we let her cry. It wasn’t terrible and she cried on and off night 1 and 2. And then after that, she’s slept all night! Seriously, such a dream. Something about having her own room, an actual crib, and not smelling mom right next to her :) Everyone’s happy! She doesn’t get a morning nap because of our busy schedule, but she cat naps on the go in the car. She makes up for it in a nice long afternoon nap. She’s eating tons of baby foods, but hasn’t revealed any teeth yet. She started off being pretty picky and making sour faces every time I tried to sneak in green beans or peas (but really, no one liked mushed up peas). But lately, she’s been tons better about a variety of foods.At her 9 months appointment, she was 17 ish pounds and in the 30th %.. although her cheeks tell another story, she’s a little lady!

She loves her brothers and they all know how to get the big Ivy cackle out of her! She loves her daddy and starts squealing when he comes home after work. But she’s still such a mommy’s girl and is on my hip all the time. And she’s not crawling! This is so new for us, as all of our boys were movers. But she just sits there, content to watch the action and play with little random toys you put around her (paper is her fav). Lately, she does like to stand but isn’t too stable. She doesn’t like when we put her on her stomach, so I honestly think she might skip crawling! We’ll see! She strongly dislikes church nursery, or really anywhere where she’s left without seeing familiar faces. Little lady runs the show! But other than the church cry fest, she smiles ALL THE TIME! She’s happy and smiley and is so full of life. We are so blessed to have her in our family and have loved every bit of the last 10 months with her!

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