Ivy, 18 months!

Little miss Ivy is a whole one and a half! She seems so much older lately. After finally learning to walk, she seems like such a big girl strutting all over the house. And she has such a big personality! She’s sweet, smiley but with a bit of a feisty side. She knows what she wants, and she will let you know. She lets her biggest cry out when someone takes away food from her, oh she hates that! She loves her snacks and can often be seen walking around with a whole bag of goldfish, because I’m slightly scared of her :) She is a good eater, but if she’s done eating or doesn’t like something, she throws it off her tray immediately. The dolls and princesses and all things pink are starting to show up a little more around our house, but she still prefers trains, car and little lego guys. She loves her brothers and can handle a whole lot of roughing up from those boys. She thinks she can roll with the big kids and loves to get right in the mix of all the neighbor kids on our driveway. If you could ask her, she would say her best friend is the new neighbor girl Keira across the street. She LOVES her and lights up even when you say her name! But she’s also pretty obsessed with dad and lets out a loud squeal when he walks in the door. We love our little miss personality and love this sweet age!


10.15-21 10.15-20

And of course, because she has a lot of brothers..!10.15-15 10.15-14

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