It’s a big week at the Prossers.

Today starts a new day for us!  It’s a HUGE change around our house.. it’s a new job for Luke!  I sort of can’t believe this day is here, for a lot of reasons.  In one sense, this change came really quickly.  He was approached by a new start up company (with a family connection to Luke’s dad), called Athlead.  They needed a creative director for their new venture.  Luke has worked on them in the past and loves the company and really believes in the vision of the company (it’s a sort of job search for former athletes.. I’m bad at explaining it, ask Luke) :)  The timing worked out perfectly and though there was a lot to talk about and consider, Luke felt so ready to jump on this opportunity and run with it!  And that also means he works from home!!!  I’m not going to lie, a big part of me was nervous about the whole arrangement.  I like the structure and the flow of our day, and the boys and I seem to have it down by now.  But, I’m way more excited than nervous.  What a huge, huge blessing to have Luke home with us during this fun time in our lives!  I’ll definitely take the help and will not mind saying goodbye to those 5:00 hours when I’m staring at the clock waiting to hear that garage door.

We set up an office for Luke down in the basement, away from the chaos.  We’re still trying to break the news to the boys and hope they can make sense of it and understand that daddy still has to work, even though he’s home!  This weekend was a blur of a weekend.  Sandwiched between hosting 2 (super fun!) parties at house, we sold our bedroom set, ran to Ikea and got the necessities for the office.  We painted the room and got it up and running!  Such is life in the fast lane, but it looks great!  He’s feeling comfortable and oh-so-inspired. His one request was antlers or a deer head.  Since I have a fear of animal heads in houses, we found a cardboard one that fits quite perfectly. :)

I’m SO proud of Luke and how he loves to support our family.  He’s so incredibly talented and I know he’ll excel at this job.  I’ve been blessed for years by this man and I’m so ready for this new adventure!  photo 1 copy photo 3 copy


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