Hockey Pictures!

Sports are expensive. There’s A LOT to pay for. So, after seeing a massive bill for below average hockey pictures, we decided to skip ordering and to take our own. After all.. I am (or was) a photographer. It was so fun! The boys really got into it. And don’t tell anyone, but Finn is a total natural. He was shooting us so many great looks. And Leyton (the little mini Luke) wanted to get a little crazy with poses.. they’re pretty great, as you will see. :) The little siblings also got to jump in on some! Love these big boys!

11.26-1 11.26-2 11.26-3 11.26-4 11.26-6 11.26-7 11.26-8 11.26-9 11.26-10

11.26-11 LF2 LF 11.26-12 11.26-14 11.26-15 11.26-16 11.26-17 11.26-18 11.26-19 11.26-21 11.26-22 11.26-23


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