Hockey boys!

On Friday night, Finn had a big jamboree to end his hockey season! It was so fun to watch him out there! He was announced with smoke and bright light and his name booming over the intercom. They got to play 3 twenty minute games against the other Mite teams. And Nordy even showed up! It was such a fun night for everyone. Leyton and Everett (and Ivy!) are getting so used to seeing their buddies at these practices, so they just ran around the whole time. Leyton and Everett even got in on a middle school warm up session :) I am SO proud of Finn and the hockey season he had! He has learned so much and seriously motors out there on the ice. He really enjoys it and especially loves when he scores a goal. :)  He had two neighbor boys on his team this year, Easton and Lukas, and they got along so well and loved playing together. The boys have skated so much on the neighborhood pond this year!

The next morning, Leyton had a game against Blaine. They lost, but he scored a goal! I brought my big camera along to capture a few shots. He’s doing so well and definitely loves the game! I know it’s been official for a little while now, but I’m totally loving this hockey mom role :)

2.17-072.17-032.17-08 2.17-04 2.17-05 2.17-06 2.17-09 2.17-10 2.17-11 2.17-12 2.17-13 2.17-14 2.17-15 2.17-16 2.17-17 2.17-18 2.17-19 2.17-20 2.17-21 2.17-22 2.17-23 2.17-24 2.17-25 2.17-26 2.17-27 2.17-28 2.17-29

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