Happy 7th birthday Leyton!

Our big boy is 7!! He woke up this morning with streamers on his doorway and balloons covering his floor.. the birthday week continues with this special March 6th birthday! Of course this day will always hold a special place for us. It’s the birth day that made us parents! The day he was born will always be so clear to me. It’s those years in between that are seriously starting to get a bit fuzzy! He has changed so much in 7 short years. He’s grown into a unique, individual boy who we have the absolute privilege of calling our son! He’s sweet and caring, and he loves with his whole heart. He has a way of unifying a wide variety of friends and gets along so well with so many different people. He’s always so positive and up for any challenge you throw his way. He has so much energy and loves to do anything active. But he also has a sweet, sensitive side. He goes out of his way to make cards or write notes for others. He loves to write, color and do anything crafty! His favorites right now are Pokemon cards, the Trolls movie, Piggie and Gerald books and anything hockey. He’s loving his new school and fits right in. At his school conference last week, his teacher told us that he’s doing so well and exceeding academically. She also told us that he came into his new school with confidence, but now he’s getting a little too confident and they’re seeing the squirrely side of Leyton. We knew it would happen eventually! He gets along really well with his brothers. He plays so well with Finn, he laughs hysterically at Everett and has the cutest baby voice for his sweet little sister. He sleeps well, eats well and is still waiting to lose that first tooth! We are so proud of our big boy and love watching him grow! I would say I can’t believe he’s 7 but seriously I couldn’t believe he was still 6! He’s a giant and seems to much older to me lately! Oh buddy, we love you more than you will ever know!


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We had a birthday party for Leyton last weekend at Pinz. He played lazer tag with a wild group of boys, mostly from his old school in White Bear. He was so excited to see all of them!

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This past weekend, Leyton had a hockey tournament to finish out the season and his time with his White Bear team. He did so well and had a lot of fun! He does have a bit of a competitive/perfectionist spirit.. he shed a few tears that he didn’t win any ribbons in the skills competition and that he didn’t score a goal for his mom on her birthday ;) But we are all such proud fans!

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