Happy 5th birthday Finn!


I can’t believe Finn is 5! It doesn’t seem like 5 years ago that he became our second surprise boy! I am SO happy that God blessed us with Finn. He is one incredible special and unique little boy. Our five year old has grown so much in the past year! While he’s still quieter and shy, he has a new sense of responsibility and confidence to him. He works hard in school and takes his job as a student seriously. He loves having friends and loves being so silly with them. He is a bossy, somewhat dominant older brother to Everett. (see! confidence!) He has a lot of emotions, although this isn’t new. He can be so happy but also so mad. He is sensitive and caring and so, so sweet. He has a solid relationship with Leyton and although Leyton tends to be the leader of the pair, Finn won’t be stomped on. He’s got some fire to him, it’s just rare that it comes out. He has such a tender, sweet spot for Ivy that I love to watch!

We pray for Finn that he will grow in his confidence and always be sure of who he is and who God created him to be. We pray that he would be never lose his sweet side and that he will always have a deep love for others. We pray that he would continue to have a strong bond with his siblings and that God would bring great friends and role models into Finn’s life. We are SO proud of Finn, our little five year old!


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