Happy 5th birthday Everett!


Happy birthday Everett buddy! So crazy that our youngest boy is FIVE! Honestly 5 still seems sort of little when you have one creeping up on TEN, but still, when I think back to the day he was born, somehow that doesn’t seem like 5 years ago! Oh this guy. Gosh I seriously love him! I could gush for a long time about him, and maybe I will.. but let’s get to the party first! We had his party last Saturday at our house. We rented a jumpy castle, made a bunch of food, had all of his family and his buddies over, ate cake and had so much fun! It was such a fun group of people.. his little cousins, neighbor kids, school kids and all of their siblings haha! That’s what I love about Everett. He loves to party and wants everyone to be a part of the action. He’s just as good of friends with his brother’s 10 year old friends as with his own friends. We got to rent the jumpy castle for most of the weekend and we definitely got a lot of use out of it! It was such a fun party for our sports loving big boy. Then on Monday, his actual birthday, we had donuts (of course) and just had a fun day celebrating him the whole day!

PS. I really do want to say a lot of gushy things about this kid. I am loving this age and wish I could bottle up his sweet voice, his hilarious dancing, his constant joy and energy. But right now, it was the first day of summer having the kids home and I’m tired. So.. it will have to wait. :) But I do want to find time to blog a little update on each kid. I’m writing this now for accountability haha, we’ll see if it happens!

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