Happy 3rd birthday Everett!

We had such a special day celebrating our big little boy today! I can’t believe he’s 3! 3 feels like a big age. And gosh, this is why I love birthdays.. it’s so fun to celebrate Everett and throw a big party for him, but I always find myself reflecting on his story. His birth, his cute little life so far, his place in this family and how much he’s grown into such a..  boy! Everett was our wild card. I was a little terrified of having three boys. And pretty much since he arrived on this earth, he’s wanted to make himself known. He does everything “big.” He’s loud, he’s wild and he’s hilarious. He’s gets so excited about everything little thing and brings so much life to everyone around him. I honestly can’t imagine life without him and I’m so glad we don’t have to. He fits perfectly in this family and we’re the luckiest to have him! I’m due for a more detailed status update on each kid (more for me so I don’t forget the little things!).. but in short, no he’s not potty trained, yes he still has a pacifier, and he’s still so naughty but also strangely, so wonderful.

We celebrated Everett’s GOLDEN 3rd birthday ninja style! We set up a little ninja course for the kids, broke a piñata, ate hot dogs and cupcakes.. it was fun! My favorite part is that gold costume. That kid loves his costumes!

6.3-11 6.3-126.3-14 6.3-15 6.3-17 6.3-186.3-20 6.3-21 6.3-22 6.3-24 6.3-25 6.3-266.3-28 6.3-29 6.3-32 6.3-33 6.3-346.3-36 6.3-37 6.3-39 6.3-40 6.3-416.3-43 6.3-44 6.3-46 6.3-506.3-09




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