Happy 1st birthday Ivy!

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Our baby girl is officially ONE! I can’t believe it’s been a whole year since we met our little Ivy girl! This birthday brings SO much sentiment and so many memories from her grand entrance last year on April 1st. She was our big mystery and our biggest surprise. I had imagined what it would be like to meet my baby girl but I had no idea it would actually come true! That day she was born will forever be one of my favorite days in the life of our family and I will never forget all the little details of those first days. And honestly, it just keeps getting better. I’m trying to not be that annoying mom who constantly says “can you believe we have a girl!?”.. but I think it more than I’d like to admit. Like when I’m browsing the baby girl dresses at the store, or when I’m picking out which bow she should wear in the morning, or when I’m decorating her room. All of it! It’s just so fun. And she is seriously the sweetest, smiliest little baby. Every time I come in her room in the morning or after her nap, she’s just beaming. And when anyone smiles at her, she flashes the biggest smile back.

She loves her brothers and love when they kiss her, tickle her, push her around, drag her by feet.. all of it. And she lights up for her daddy! She can handle being pretty roughed up by Luke.. It’s the sweetest thing to watch! But she’s definitely a mommy’s girl. She loves being held and is attached to my hip anywhere we go. She still won’t do church nursery, but prefers just to hang by our feet or on our laps during church. We’re not too upset about it :) She totally skipped crawling, but has figured out a little scoot that will get her around. She motors in the walker, it’s so hilarious to watch! But for the most part, she’s content wherever you set her and will play so well with anything around her. This is so different that Everett at this age! He preferred to dump the tupperware and the ziploc bags, or anything non-toy. Ivy’s a nice change of pace :)

She’s a much better sleeper at night, but I’m a sucker, and give into feeding her if she randomly wakes up. She naps usually just once in the afternoon. Sometimes we’ll give her a morning nap, but it’s so rare that she’s getting used to just the one. She eats quite a bit, but definitely has her preferences. She’s a big fruit and carb girl and tends to pick around the veggies. She is only 18 pounds (20%) and feels so little! She makes so many noises with her mouth and sticks out her tongue when she gets excited. She makes so many faces and straightens her arms and legs and does these little feet rolls when she’s happy! Last night, the boys were having a tough night and being so wild and bickering way too much. While we were getting everybody ready for bed, Luke and I were in Ivy’s room just hanging out while little miss smiley. We both commented how she is such a ray of light.. she brings so much joy to our family! Although I still feel like I’m getting used to the fact that she’s here and she’s ours.. we definitely can’t imagine life without her! We are so thankful God chose to bless us with our baby girl. We love you Ivy doll!

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