Halloween 2018

(I’m trying to resist the urge to make excuses for how it’s been since I’ve blogged. But I won’t go there.) Let’s talk about Halloween! The pictures in this post can pretty must tell the story of how the night went, but it’s always worth writing about it for memories sake. Let me start by saying how proud of myself I was for being relaxed this year about Halloween. The Pinterest lover in me has always loved putting thought into the costumes and the kids have usually matched or coordinated somehow. This year I decided to let it go. We went to a consignment store, Finn and Everett found ones they liked and for a $6 price tag, it seemed great. Leyton wanted to be a football player, which also killed me a little because I know all boys eventually do it, it just seems a bit lazy. (don’t worry, I didn’t use that word with Leyton) And for Ivy, I borrowed some from the neighbors. Easy!

All was well the day of Halloween. Finn wore his costume, a Halo guy, to school. Everett was ready to wear his hilarious lego guy. Great. But then, FIVE minutes before leaving for trick or treating, Finn decides he can’t be a Halo guy and wants to be a hockey player. I said no, we’re going to get all your hockey gear out, the gear that you wear three times a week, instead of your original costume. He starts crying and will not cave. Everett joins in and insists on being a hockey player. So now, they’re both freaking out wanting to put on their hockey gear. I’ll spare you the details of how it all went down, but I wanted to win this won. Hence the pictures of our kids falling apart. Haha I know I did feel like a terrible mom but come on! So, we took the picture, Everett was distracted enough to run with his neighbors to start the candy hoarding, but Finn wouldn’t budge. When we said he wouldn’t get candy, he just said, “Nope, I’m staying home, we just share it all anyways.” That kid! So, we let him wear his hockey equipment, and off he went, happily joining the group. ┬áThese kids are dramatic! But the rest of the night went great, we got loads and loads of candy and Ivy’s favorite part of the night was running to the front door when the doorbell rang! I guess it’ll be good for the memories but I was fine when this holiday was over!


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