Halloween 2017


We had such a fun Halloween day! But.. I must be getting older because I’m kind of sick of this holiday by the time it rolls around. It felt like 2 solid weeks of ghost, goblins, skeletons..haha, anyways, not the point. The kids love it all! :) We started our Halloween morning with Everett and Ivy at the mall of America! Everett was so excited to wear a costume, of course, and picked his ninja costume from last year! Ivy opted out of a costume for the morning, but apparently was going as her very overtired mom, downing the huge Starbucks. (side note, that girl is hilarious and copies everything I do! It’s so cute) Then, in the afternoon, I went to Leyton and Finn’s school to help out in their classrooms and see their parade through the halls of the school. So fun to be a part of that! And of course, in the evening we went trick or treating in our new(ish) neighborhood. As we suspected, it was crawling with tons of little kids! Our little neighbor kids right around us walked around together and although it was 32 degrees out, they went around for a while! Finn was so funny. He went to like 5 houses, got a HUGE lollipop at one house, and said he was good! He said he got enough candy and was ready to head home! I didn’t argue with that and headed back with him, to join my parents, Erin and Nathan handing out candy to the kids that came to the door. Leyton and Everett kept going for probably another hour! :)

It was a successful Halloween!

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