Florida Trip, Part 2 :)

Haha, I didn’t mean for it to be so long between posts, but.. life. I actually just got back from another mini trip to Colorado to visit my new niece Nora! But this time, no kids.. and it was glorious. Night and day difference from the trip to Florida! But we’re still talking about our Florida trip and all the wonderful memories we made. We went Animal Kingdom with the whole crew and it was so cool! Disney doesn’t mess around.. everything was so themed, the rides were awesome. We went on a Safari tour and saw tons of animals. We saw a Finding Nemo theater show and an amazing Lion King show. So much to do, the kids loved it! The next day, we went to the beach! We headed to Cocoa Beach and even though it was the chilliest ┬áday, it didn’t stop our kids from loving it! Of course Leyton was soaked within minutes, Everett also jumped it, Finn stayed in the sand and Ivy was accidentally drenched :) The kids looked for shells, Everett chased birds and we all just enjoyed the sand! I love beaches :) We stopped by Ron Jon’s for shark tooth necklaces before heading home. It was such a perfect trip, one we will never forget! We are seriously blessed with such an amazing family.. I’m so glad these little cousins can share such great memories!

IMG_0916IMG_0920 IMG_0919 IMG_0918IMG_0841IMG_0819 IMG_08121.16-1031.16-100 1.16-991.16-971.16-95 1.16-94 1.16-93 1.16-92 1.16-91IMG_0933 1.16-104 1.16-105 1.16-90 1.16-881.16-87 1.16-86 1.16-85 1.16-84 1.16-83 1.16-82 1.16-81 1.16-80 1.16-79 1.16-781.16-75 1.16-74 1.16-731.16-71 1.16-70 1.16-69 1.16-68 1.16-66 1.16-651.16-63 1.16-62 1.16-611.16-58 1.16-57 1.16-56 1.16-55 1.16-54 1.16-53 1.16-52 1.16-511.16-49 1.16-48 IMG_8040 IMG_0947IMG_0446 IMG_0963 IMG_8049IMG_0764 IMG_0754 IMG_0464



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