Florida Trip, Part 1!

We’re back! Crazy to believe our trip to Florida that we had been anticipating and planning for is already over! The crazy Prosser family conquered Orlando for a whole week and it was SO wonderful. Just like any Prosser hang out, it’s wild, loud and crazy but so fun! There were 9 little ones running around and 7 adults just trying to hold it all together and make it as magical as possible haha! Nate couldn’t make it, and Alba stayed home (we missed them!) but otherwise the whole crew was there. We stayed in a house outside of Disney that had enough space for all of us, a pool by the house and a pool/splash pad/lazy river right down the street. The kids were loving it! It was SO nice to be in warm weather, see green everyone and just play in the sun! The first day we just took it all in and played. The next day, the big kids (Leyton, Finn and Emeri) went to Universal with Mimi and Luke and had so much fun riding all the crazy rides. The rest of us checked out downtown Disney in the evening. Then the next day, Magic Kingdom! Disney really is magical. The rides, the sites, the fireworks.. we were all loving it. We were totally exhausted though and needed a recovery day the next day! There’s so many pictures, so I figured I’d break it up. Next up, more pool, Animal Kingdom and the beach!


1.16-01 IMG_0025 IMG_0009 IMG_0032 IMG_0020 IMG_0093 IMG_0058 IMG_0039

IMG_0641 IMG_0570 IMG_0543 IMG_0584 IMG_0588 IMG_0606 IMG_0608

IMG_0036 1.16-09 IMG_0113 1.16-03 1.16-051.16-06 1.16-07 1.16-08 IMG_0086 IMG_0089 IMG_0021 IMG_0030 1.16-10 1.16-35 1.16-22 1.16-34 1.16-33 1.16-32 1.16-31 1.16-30 1.16-29 1.16-28 1.16-27 1.16-26 1.16-25 1.16-24 1.16-21

1.16-17 1.16-161.16-13 1.16-12 1.16-11 IMG_0163 IMG_0128 IMG_0157 1.16-36 1.16-431.16-37 1.16-42 1.16-41 1.16-40 1.16-391.16-46 1.16-44 1.16-45


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