First day of school!

It happened! THREE boys are in school! Well, this isn’t as big of a deal as when Everett goes to Kindergarten full time.. that will be a big day. But, still! It’s just crazy that one by one they’re gone! Leyton started 3rd grade and Finn started 1st! They are already a week down and all is well so far! The first week was exciting and slightly emotional, but now that it’s all sinking in, they do a little more whining about heading to school each day. They miss summer! Finn has Mrs. Guimont for a teacher, and she seems really great. He has a few buddies he knows and his neighbor buddy Finley. He will start speech during the day coming up soon, but seems to enjoy it all so far! He has already gotten a few soar tickets for doing good things at school.. he’s a good kid! But he is the one who says things like, “this was the worst day ever” or “nothing was good about today.” Haha he’s our sensitive one!

Leyton jumps right in and honestly still loves the “work” of school, although he would never admit it. :) He has Mrs. Schwartz for a teacher and apparently already found out she’s a big Wild hockey fan, which he loves haha! Leyton is really such a smart kid.. he makes it easy on us! He says he doesn’t like math but he’s good at it!! His brief after school reports are usually details about who said what on the bus or what they played a recess. But I can actually pull more details out of him than I can Finn. I love these boys and each new phase with them!

Oh, and quick note about Leyton’s tear filled pictures. Luke was giving him a hard time because he wasn’t smiling right (he does have a hilarious forced smile).. but it was just too much for Leyton to handle. May have been first day nerves, but he broke down and had a hard time recovering. But the pics are pretty sweet!

9.4-16 9.4-13 9.4-95 9.4-41 9.4-44 9.4-51 9.4-62 9.4-85 9.4-75 9.4-71 9.4-65 9.4-100 9.4-105 9.4-137 9.4-140 9.4-1469.4-157

9.4-182 9.4-184 9.4-189 9.4-191 9.4-1939.4-202 9.4-205 9.4-212



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