First day of school!

The boys are off! A couple weeks ago Leyton, Finn and Everett started school and it’s been such a joy to watch them adjust to this next little phase!

Leyton started 4th grade and has Mrs. Youngbauer for a teacher. He has so many friends in his class, he totally lucked out! He’s loving it so far. He does so well in school, it makes it nice and easy for mom! He is even running for student council, which is so fun to watch. I told Luke that this “campaign” is a pretty good example of Leyton being the combo of Luke and I. Like his mom, Leyton jumps in on volunteering, on projects and groups like student council. He is motivated and likes the challenge. But like his dad, he works quick and doesn’t have time to be too thorough with his posters. Accuracy isn’t priority, which stresses his mom out. Get the speech done so we can go play!

Finn is in 2nd grade with Mrs. Schumann. He has a couple great buddies in his class and was really ready and excited to start school back up again. He enjoys school and from the minimal reports I get from him, his favorite time of day is lunch and recess. Reading is definitely his strong suit, but he does so well with writing and math. We’re so proud of him!

Everett started Pre-K at Rice Lake, which is new for him! Because he is hanging back one more year before Kindergarten, we put him an all day preschool three days a week. He has Tate and Braxton in his class, two neighbor buddies. We don’t hear much from him either, but he seems to like it! He does say he doesn’t get as much play time as his school last year, but that’s how life goes in school buddy!

We are getting used to the school year schedule and Mom is definitely enjoying the less chaotic life of summer! Ivy started gymnastics which is so fun! But otherwise, her and I have lots of fun together and when Everett’s home, those two get along so well! After school, we have a little downtime then we start running around to all the activities. Leyton is in tackle football, Finn and Everett just started flag football and they all have hockey. It’s busy, but really fun. More status updates and cute pictures of this crew on instagram more than this wonderful blog!
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