Finn’s 5th Birthday Party


We had so much fun over the weekend celebrating Finn! It’s so fun to celebrate him. He’s usually so shy and humble and doesn’t draw a lot of attention to himself. Which makes us all want to freak out over him! On his actual birthday, we met some cousins at Sky Zone in the morning and then he and I went on a little date in the afternoon to pick out a present for him. And the next day, we had his big birthday party with his friends at Pinz, a bowling and arcade place close by. It was so fun to see him with his little friends! He invited Levi and Teddy from preschool, Roman and Kingston from church and Nolan and Emmett from hockey. And of course, Leyton and Everett!  The boys had pizza and a Pokemon cake, went bowling and played arcade games. They all had so much fun and Finn was loving every second of it!


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