Finn’s 1st day of preschool!

This is a big day! I am currently sitting at home, in a very peaceful and quiet house on this Tuesday morning. I dropped Leyton off at Kindergarten, Finn off at preschool (!) and Everett is snoozing away up in his crib! I don’t even know what to do with myself. And Finn is at preschool! I admit, I was a little worried about the drop off for this guy. He’s such a different kid than Leyton. Leyton doesn’t seem phased by much, and will welcome any new change with no hesitation. But our little Finny is a different story. Last week, when we went to the open house, meet the teacher thing.. we got to the classroom door and I saw his little lip quiver and he slowly backed away from the door. I reassured him that I was going with him that day to check it out. So over the past few days, we’ve been trying to prep him for his first day of preschool. Leyton gave him a few pep talks about being nice and “not saying poopy because that’s just what we say at home but not at school.” With that great talk and our encouragement, we sent him off. I was bracing myself for tears but he did great! He found his name when he got there, set down his bucket, said a quick goodbye to me and that was that! Yay! I’m so proud :)

I’m excited for this new phase of life for him! He’s the older brother around the house, he gets more mom and dad attention, and he has new responsibilities being the big preschooler! Tonight he also starts skating lessons for the first time. See, big day!

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Also, the Finn/Everett relationship is hilarious and ridiculous. Everett still keeps hitting him whenever he gets a chance! If there’s a spare toy, hockey stick or spatula around, Finn will get hit in the head! ¬†We’re trying to control it, and we told Finn to not hit back and just come tell me and I’ll deal with Everett. But, Everett’s not getting the picture and just goes back for more. So, we told Finn he can hit him back. Push him, shove him whatever you need to do. Ok, keep in mind Finn’s a gentle little thing and Everett’s a tank. So, not much harm is done BUT Everett needs to learn his place! And Finn is liking the control a little bit. No judging please. :)

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