Finn turned 7!

My Finn man is SEVEN! Why the heck do they keep getting older?! It’s crazy to have an 8 and 7 year old. That’s just old! It’s so fun to spoil Finn on his birthday. He’s our easy going, go with flow guy.. never cares to draw attention or make things about himself. But he was very excited to turn 7! His birthday was so special. He woke up in the morning to streamers, balloons, and birthday pancakes. He opened a couple presents in the morning, scored a bunch of goals at hockey in the afternoon (he was pretty proud of that) then we had a birthday party for him in the afternoon. We had it at Jam Hops, a gymnastics place that had a ninja course and a nerf war for the party. He invited boys from his class, neighbors boys, his brothers, cousins, and one little girl was allowed :) ¬†We all had a lot of fun, and our 7 year old was all smiles, all day long!

It’s so fun to watch Finn grow into such a unique and wonderful boy! He has the sweetest, most caring personality. He’s our little peacemaker and the most even keeled one of the bunch. He’s an absolute joy to be around and gets along well with everyone. He’s outgoing and loves all the action around here, but can easily settle in to a slower pace. He’s a wild man on the ice and is such a crazy stick handler, but when he gets home, he’ll grab his stuffed animals or some other little toy and jump in playing with Ivy. He loves to be around all his ¬†friends but also isn’t afraid to say no to playing and keep it quiet inside. I love that.. maybe because it sounds like my style haha. His favorites right now are anything hockey, Diary of a Wimpy kid books, Duck Tales, his squirrel and frog :) He loves playing hockey and he recently started guitar lessons. We are so proud of our big boy!! Now please quit growing.
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