Everett’s 1st birthday party

On Saturday, we celebrated Everett’s 1st birthday! As always, I had so much fun planning this one. I was especially excited because the older boys have birthdays during the winter, and we finally got to be outside and spread out a bit for this summer birthday! I love inviting lots of people, but it gets too crammed in our house. This past week, I was sweating it a little because the forecast said rain was coming right at 4 o’clock, when the party started. Then, the day of the party, it said the rain would hold off until later the night. But, after I had everything set up (and luckily, pictures already taken).. right at 4:00, the rain dumped for about 5 minutes then stopped. Long enough to drench all of my cute little decorations. But!  The party went on wonderfully. The skies were clear and we all enjoyed being out on a massive deck!

The theme for this party is a Nautical type theme. Sort of. More like a beach, water, waves type theme. I love all things nautical but landed with a little more of a relaxed, surfer vibe. Haha, maybe? It was fun to plan! And more importantly, we celebrated our brand new ONE year old! He loved seeing everyone, playing in the water, and of course, eating SO much cake.  It was so fun to see his face when we all sang to him! We all had a blast. We ate delicious fish tacos, devoured Hilary’s incredible cake (!) and played outside. Besides Everett’s 2 girl cousins, there were 12 boys here! My friends all have boys! This crew has so much fun together. We love our boys and we love our Everett!

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