Everett the preschooler!

The day before the big boys started school, we were talking about the new schedule and the new changes. I told Everett that he still had another week before he started school and he just looked at me with such a defeated look and said ,”nooo!” He has been waiting and waiting for his turn! Everett’s day is finally here. He will be doing three days a week in the mornings. The first day went so well! No fear, no worries for this one. A big “goodbye mom!” at the door and he was on his way. On the first day, he got to play with a big pool of minnows, slime, paint, play with legos and play outside. He’s in heaven!

Oh and here is Leyton’s first day of preschool and Finn’s! How cute are they?!

9.10-14 9.10-35 9.10-43 9.10-46 9.10-49 9.10-62 9.10-73 9.10-76 9.10-80 9.10-103 9.10-112 9.10-122 9.10-131 9.10-140 9.10-141 9.10-143 9.10-158


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