Easter 2019

We had a great Easter this year and spent it once again with both sides of the family! This year we did change up one thing and go to church on Friday evening instead of Sunday and although it felt really weird to not go to church on Easter morning (and the boys did not love the idea of getting all “handsome” on a Friday night after playing all day).. but it was nice to not have to rush out the door Sunday morning. The kids found their Easter baskets in the morning and we read an Easter devotional to the kids then off we went! The pictures below aren’t in the right order of our day, but we headed to Prossers mid morning and after brunch and an egg hunt, the kids went swimming! The kids were thrilled to be in the pool! It was such a beautiful day. We then went to my parents house and had dinner, another egg hunt and just hung out with my parents, Tyler, Nathan and Erin. It was a great day!




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